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The internet is falling under the control of just a few giant companies: Amazon, Google and Facebook. As a result, it’s becoming more difficult to do anything online, without sharing certain data with these companies. Internet Privacy Guy believes that people have a right to privacy online, just as we do in the real world.

Most people using the internet, don’t have a real understanding of how the tools they’re using actually work. When sending a message it’s more complex than pressing send and having the message pop up on the recipient’s device.

Why Trust Internet Privacy Guy?

Internet Privacy Guy doesn’t accept sponsored posts or give priority to services with high-paying affiliate programs. I’m passionate about showing people that privacy is possible and can actually be more user-friendly than the alternative.

Our focus is to deliver objective, unbiased and verifiable information to real people looking to protect their privacy on the internet.

Unbiased & Independent Opinions

While there are plenty of examples of great resources for learning about privacy on the internet, many of these sites will include paid features or affiliate links. This doesn’t mean that these resources are useless by default, but it can influence the reviews or ratings that a site gives to certain products.

Demonstrated Expertise In Privacy

I’ve been researching and writing about internet privacy for years both as a hobbyist and as a professional blogger. I’ve published my work in publications like Hackernoon, SecJuice, Decentralize.Today and The Startup.

Supporting & Promoting Internet Privacy Advocates

My goal with Internet Privacy Guy is to spread awareness about the people and the companies that are promoting privacy and data security

How To Get Out of The Anti-Privacy Trap

It can feel impossible to hide from Amazon, Facebook, and Google but it’s really not. With the right “privacy toolbox” it can actually be fairly quick and simple to use privacy-focused tools.

Rather than defaulting to Gmail, Facebook and Amazon Prime, you simply have to choose the best privacy-friendly alternative. Just because Chrome is installed on your computer when you buy it doesn’t mean you have to use that browser.

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