Competition Is Good and Bad for Internet Privacy

So I’ve noticed recently that there are quite a few companies now making privacy-focused tools for people on the internet. This is awesome because it means people are no longer limited to just one or two options for privacy friendly tools.

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Competition Makes Products More Accountable

If there is only one product in a given niche, people only have one option to solve their privacy dilemma. If the only available company wants to track user-data, for example, they can then do so and people will still use the product. With multiple tools, the better option will rise to the top due to user feedback and comparisons.

If there are more companies offering privacy-based tools, there will be a higher standard across the digital privacy industry.

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More Privacy Tools Give Consumers More Choices

With more privacy tools, there are more options for people to choose from. This means that if people have specific needs, they are far more likely to find a tool to protect their privacy.

More Options Dilute The Importance of Privacy

More competition in the privacy space can only drive each company so far into “the best privacy protection” available. Once each company has achieved the highest level of encryption (or another security measure) there is, there is no room for more privacy protection. Then, each company must find new ways to innovate and differentiate themselves. Privacy products usually do this by adding new features and “conveniences” to their products.

As a result, many people choose privacy-related products and services for reasons other than privacy. This lets people look past the privacy protection that brought them to the product originally. The true effectiveness of a privacy-focused tool often lies in the minute details. While bells and whistles are great, they can distract people from what truly matters.

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More competition is driving the privacy industry to make better products. Overall, this should be a net positive for the industry. As long as these companies continue to focus on delivering the best tools for internet privacy, and not shiny features, everyone will benefit.

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