These Private Search Engines will Keep Your Searches Hidden

One of our predictions for 2019 is that there will be a shift from big tech companies to smaller alternatives that actually make user privacy a priority. In 2018 it seemed like every week a new story came out about how companies were misusing their customers’ personal data.

These search engines are some private alternatives to the most popular search engines on the internet. If you use a search engine that you are logged into, all of your searches can be linked back to your account. Search engines can then use that data to serve you specifically targeted (and often intrusive) ads. Private search engines like these use only the search term you typed in to determine which ads you see above your search results.

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt is a privacy-friendly search engine that is growing more feature-rich and user-friendly all the time. In the past year it added video, news, maps and shopping search results. As Search Encrypt grows more feature-rich and improves its search results, it’s rapidly gaining users. It now sees millions of visitors per day.

When you search with Search Encrypt, your searches are encrypted locally which means that your search terms are sent to our server in an encrypted form. Even if someone is able to monitor your network activity or remotely access your computer, your search terms will be private and secure.

What sets Search Encrypt apart from most other search engines, is the level of encryption it uses. Your search terms are 1)encrypted locally, 2) transmitted via HTTPS, 3) and protected with expiring encryption keys. This means you can be very confident that when using this search engine, you will be the only one who knows what you’re searching for.

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If you’ve heard of one private search engine, odds are it is DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo currently sees over 30 million searches per day. It offers a feature called !bangs, which let users search other websites directly from DuckDuckGo. !bangs certainly add convenience and are a factor that encourages many people to switch from their current search engine to DDG.

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