How To Fix “Your Connection Is Not Private” Warning in Google Chrome

Are you using Google Chrome and getting a warning message that says that “Your Connection Is Not Private”? If you’ve never seen this message before, it can catch you off guard and make you think that your device has been infected with some sort of virus. However, there most likely is nothing wrong with your computer or your connection.

Chrome displays a warning when you try to visit a website for the first time that doesn’t have HTTPS enabled. This warning prevents people from visiting websites that don’t encrypt their connection and potentially giving away their information. If you enter information into forms on these unencrypted sites, the website or other users on your network could access that information.

How to Get Past ‘Your Connection Is Not Private’

The purpose of HTTPS connections is to encrypt dynamic pages where a user’s data is transmitted between the server and the client. For static web pages that don’t transmit, request or display any user data don’t necessarily need to use encryption.

If you’ve been shown this warning message, but you still want to continue to the website anyway, you can easily do so.

  1. Click Advanced (in the bottom left hand corner of the warning screen).
  2. This should reveal a link that says ‘Proceed to <website address> (unsafe)’
  3. Click this link to be taken to the non-secure webpage.

It’s important that you don’t enter any payment information or personal information you wouldn’t want to be private into these web pages.


This is the error message you’ll likely see if you try to visit a non-encrypted website. The message refers to a problem with the SSL certificate on the site: either the site doesn’t have one, or it is expired.

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One issue that can cause this message to display is if your computer’s date settings are incorrect. If the SSL certificate the site is using is not valid for the date your computer has set, the site will appear to be unencrypted and non-secure.